Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drudge Hypes Campaign 'Sex Scandal' - Business Insider

Wait, is it the President?  or the Chief of Staff?  Sec Def?  FLOTUS?  

The Romney campaign's best friend!  Pushing the Romney message - on call!

Drudge Hypes Campaign 'Sex Scandal' - Business Insider: "The Drudge Report, the heavily-trafficked blog run by conservative Matt Drudge, is up with a new headline hyping a "sex scandal to hit campaign..." According to Drudge, the story is "developing."
Drudge, a close personal friend of Mitt Romney's campaign manager Matt Rhoades, has hyped up several exclusive news stories during the 2012 campaign cycle, most of which have fallen flat. So our hopes aren't too high for his latest report. "

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