Thursday, February 26, 2015

GOP Hypocrisy in D.C.’s Pot Laws - The Daily Beast

GOP Hypocrisy in D.C.’s Pot Laws - The Daily Beast: "Congress has always run D.C. like a plantation. But now, GOPers want to jail the mayor over a law the voters overwhelmingly passed?
I’m desperately trying to understand how getting marijuana laws passed nationwide has become today’s Selma, but if there is one thing that is intolerable it’s the shameful way congressional Republicans are bullying the residents of Washington, D.C., to not blaze in the comfort of their homes.

Possessing marijuana in the nation’s capital became legal at midnight Wednesday, yet Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz and his Republican compadres are literally threatening to jail D.C.’s elected leaders for implementing a law that was overwhelmingly approved at the ballot box by the residents of the District of Columbia."

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