Sunday, September 23, 2012

Know-Nothing American History - The Daily Beast

I've been on this track for a while.  If you remember the Glenn Beck university he would put on historians who would relay an alternate telling of history.  Also, on his show he would constantly critique presidents from the past, and re-engineer history to make a weird point which had no base. 

David Limbaugh has made a fortune, the list of titles are legion and suspicious.  

Know-Nothing American History - The Daily Beast: "I know full well that this Jack Hitt piece in The New Yorker is satirical, but it hits close to home. When a movement increasingly derives its news from Fox and its history from partisan publishers -- especially ones with a massive financial incentive to portray their ideological opponents in terms that respectable people would find beyond the pale -- things get out of hand.

That's how you get books like David Limbaugh's "The Great Destroyer: Obama's War on the Republic" and Dinesh D'Souza's "2016: Obama's America." They're both utter nonsense, but they play perfectly to people who don't know any better."

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