Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romney will win the election

With the amount of money Romney will have to blanket the airwaves with there is no chance that the President will win.  The outside groups will flood the networks and the internet with what will amount to the cost of doing business.  Anyone can calculate how much it will cost to advertise everywhere for 6 weeks and sum up that it will cost $100 - $200 million.  So after the debates we will get to see what that looks like.

With that said, Romney has had the worst 3 weeks imaginable.  Internationally he offended the Brits, and was not PC in the Middle East.  He then attributed a statement to the US that the US didn't support, or say.  This week he told 47% of the US that they got welfare transfer payments when they went to vote for the President in 2008.  

He brushed off half of the electorate, and he was inaccurate in who pays or does not pay taxes.  In his statement he showed elitism in his disdain for those who receive the Earned Income Tax Credit.  Those who do not make enough money at work receive the EITC.  Then he stated that they are clingers on the system.  

Gov Romney:  they don't pay taxes because of the Tax Schedule.      --  CMP 

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