Sunday, September 16, 2012

Obama ‘fear’ driving social conservatives - Print View

It ain't right right to use someone's religion as a basis for fear. The thing that's most intimate - spirituality and faith - to someone should not be manipulated in this way.  This is not new, but it is exclusively used by one group throughout the world. In Libya and Egypt this week using religion as a stick was the impetus for the embassy runs; the same was used to motive religious groups in 10 other places where U.S. embassies were on high alert.  The more educated and enlightened do not act on based fears, yet as we look down the ignorance ladder (less educated) we see that rationality is null.      
 - JR
Obama ‘fear’ driving social conservatives - Print View:

Fear of President Barack Obama — not enthusiasm for Mitt Romney — is driving religious conservatives to pull the lever for the GOP nominee this November.

Romney — a former Massachusetts governor who came late to the anti-abortion rights cause — was never a favorite of evangelical voters during the Republican primaries, and their love for him hasn’t grown much now that he has officially become their party’s standard bearer, as judged by interviews with two dozen conservatives at the Values Voter Summit in Washington this weekend.

But religious conservatives will support Romney because Obama — who endorsed same-sex marriage earlier this year — is anathema to them. And as much as they are lukewarm about Romney, conservatives are thrilled by the GOP nominee’s choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate.

“It’s not excitement, it is fear — fear of the other guy,” said Dolores Taylor, 69, of West Harrison, N.Y., explaining why she will vote for Romney over Obama in November. “Excited doesn’t seem to be the right word — I’d say energized, because I’m so angry about what’s going on.”

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